Licor de Algarroba

Liqueur produced and macerated in an artisanal way, using a traditional method from 1601. Made of carob beans from the Bajo Maestrazgo, where they have been farmed for generations.

This liqueur is pleasant on the palate, aromatic and balanced, honey-thyme colour and with notes of ripe fruit compote.

Our carob liqueur is very digestive and perfectly accompanies desserts and coffees. It is the ideal digestive for great meals.

The carob is a nutritious and digestive food that has antifungal and antiviral properties, thanks to its high pectin content. At the same time, it helps to regulate cholesterol levels.

Although it is still a relatively unknown legume, its benefits and versatility are starting to attract the attention of nutritionists and chefs around the world, who explore the best way to make the most out of its amazing properties.

Radix Nostra Nana

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Early harvest and cold extraction. Made with olives from the Nana variety, typical from the Sant Jordi area and its surroundings.

Digestive and ideal for desserts, with a alcohol percentage of 27º.

Our goal is to promote our territory's traditional agriculture, presenting a high-quality premium product.

Radix Nostra Milenaria

Radix Nostra Nana